Our Services

At Melvin's Lakeside Services, we specialize in comprehensive boat maintenance and repair, including engine diagnostics, hull servicing, and electrical system overhauls, ensuring your boat performs flawlessly on the water.

On site Prevenative Checks
Availble to our Ray Roberts Marina customers, our Preventative Checks Program is tailored to keep your boat in prime condition, offering two tiers of coverage to suit your needs: Base and Plus.

The Base package, designed for annual oversight, includes quarterly boat checks where we assess the batteries, bilge pumps, and boat cover, along with post-storm inspections to ensure your vessel remains secure and functional throughout the year.

The Plus package elevates boat care with monthly checks, incorporating all the features of the Base package but with added attention including starting and running engines to guarantee smooth operation, and a comprehensive spring systems inspection to preemptively address any potential issues, ensuring your boat is always ready for the water with peak performance and safety.
Spring / Summer Make Ready
Our Spring Make Ready service prepares your boat for the upcoming season with two comprehensive packages: Base and Plus.

The Base package ensures your vessel is ready to hit the water safely and smoothly, featuring a thorough systems inspection, starting and running the engines to ensure they're operating correctly, and a detailed safety inspection to check all safety equipment and vessel integrity.

The Plus package includes everything in the Base package and adds an oil change for one engine, ensuring your engine's longevity and performance. It concludes with a lake test to assess the boat's overall performance on the water, providing peace of mind that your vessel is in top condition for the boating season.
Safety Equipment Check
Our Safety Equipment Check service is designed to ensure your vessel meets all safety standards and regulations, available in two tiers: Base and Plus.

The Base package involves a comprehensive inspection of your boat to ensure all required safety equipment is present and in working order. Following the inspection, you'll receive a detailed report outlining the safety requirements specific to your vessel, giving you a clear understanding of its compliance status.

The Plus package offers all the benefits of the Base package with the added advantage of addressing and fixing any identified safety violations. This proactive approach not only ensures that your boat meets all safety standards but also provides you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your vessel is as safe as possible for you, your passengers, and the marine environment.
Oil Changes
Our oil change service for both 4-stroke and 2-stroke engines provides a thorough replacement of old oil with high-quality lubricants, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your marine engine.
Impeller Service
Our impeller service includes a comprehensive replacement to ensure efficient cooling, paired with refreshing the gear oil for enhanced propulsion system performance.
Sterndrive Service
Our specialized sterndrive and prop shaft services encompass removal, alignment checks, greasing of universals, gimbal bearing servicing, pressure/vacuum testing, and gear oil changes for Mercruiser Alpha, OMC Cobra, Bravo 1, 2, & 3, and Volvo dual prop systems, along with meticulous bellows replacement including shift cable and oil hose, ensuring your boat's drive system operates smoothly and reliably.
Engine Services
Our engine services range from detailed tune-ups, including compression and spark tests, decarbonizing cylinders, and setting synchronization and timing, to comprehensive 20, 50, and 100-hour services with oil changes, gear oil replacement, carburetor tuning, and extensive inspections, culminating in a lake test to ensure peak performance, alongside essential maintenance like zinc replacement and water separator filter changes.
Plumbing Services
Our marine services extend to meticulous fresh water and black water plumbing, ensuring clean, efficient water supply systems onboard and safe, sanitary waste disposal for a seamless and hygienic boating experience.
Hydraulic Services
Our hydraulic services include expert trim and steering cap rebuilds or replacements, ensuring precise control and seamless operation of your boat's trim and steering systems for optimal performance and safety on the water.
Electrical Services
Our electrical services cover comprehensive wiring and installations, providing reliable and efficient electrical systems for seamless navigation, communication, and comfort aboard your vessel.
Our inspection services offer a range of diagnostics including computer hookups, thorough bow to stern inspections for both non-houseboats and houseboats, comprehensive systems reviews, mechanical checks, additional diagnostic hookups with inspection packages, and engine hour assessments to ensure your vessel's integrity and optimal functioning.
Fuel Services
Our fuel services encompass the provision of unleaded and diesel fuel (plus the cost of fuel), in-shop and in-slip fuel pump outs, and a fuel disposal fee, offering comprehensive support for your vessel's fuel needs with convenience and environmental responsibility.
Trailer Services
Our trailer services include complete rewiring, bearing packing, hub greasing using zerk fittings, and the replacement of trailer bunks for lengths less than 6 feet, up to 12 feet, and over 12 feet, ensuring your boat's transport is secure, reliable, and ready for the road.
Power Washing
Our power wash services meticulously clean your vessel from the rub rail down, accommodating boats of all sizes from up to 20 feet (LOA) through to 41 feet and larger, with additional options for tritoon models and an acid wash upgrade to ensure a thorough, sparkling clean regardless of your boat's length or type.
Our Engine Winterization service ensures your boat's engine is ready for the off-season, including fuel separator replacement, fuel stabilization, antifreeze application, engine fogging, and battery disconnection, tailored for gas engines, diesel engines, and outboards—with or without a gear oil change. We also offer dewinterizing for inboard/outboard engines and PWC winterizing that includes battery removal.
For the Water System Winterize, we safeguard your boat's fresh water system (covering one pump and two faucets), with services for additional faucets, hot water systems, shower and wash down pumps, head systems (which must be pre-pumped out), ice makers, shore water hookups, generators, air conditioners, and bilge pumps (non-self-draining), ensuring your vessel's water systems are protected against freezing temperatures.
Spring Maker Ready
Our Spring Make Ready package revitalizes your boat for the new season, dewinterizing engines, and checking plumbing, batteries, and electrical systems for gas and diesel engines, outboards (up to and over 40hp, including a gear oil change for the latter), and PWCs. We also prepare freshwater systems for both non-houseboats and houseboats, ensuring your vessel is in top condition to hit the water.
Bottom Jobs
Our Bottom Job service is designed to extend the life and enhance the performance of your vessel, including haul out, pressure cleaning the bottom and running gear, and washing the hull sides. We apply 2 coats of Standard Antifouling Paint tailored to your boat's length. Additionally, we offer an upgraded paint selection for all sizes at a flat rate, ensuring your boat receives the best protection against fouling and corrosion.
Additional Services
Our additional marine services include professional battery installation, overnight marine battery servicing, aluminum and stainless prop repairs through expert reconditioning at a prop shop, carburetor rebuilds, comprehensive sea trials or lake tests, and detailed compression testing to ensure your boat's performance and reliability are at their peak.