A little info about us

Melvin's Lakeside Services

Set sail with confidence knowing the crew at Melvin's Lakeside Services is at the helm of your marine service needs in the Lake Ray Roberts area! Our team of seasoned marine technicians is not just skilled in the art of boat maintenance and repair; we're passionate boaters ourselves, understanding the waves and whispers of Lake Ray Roberts like the backs of our sun-kissed hands. Whether it's a routine tune-up, an intricate repair, or a custom installation that would make Neptune himself envious, we're here to ensure your vessel is in shipshape condition. With our blend of expertise, state-of-the-art tools, and a splash of fun, we're not just servicing boaters; we're empowering maritime adventures. Let Melvin's Lakeside Services be your compass to navigate through all your boating needs, where quality service and maritime merriment meet!

At the heart of our company's story is a tribute to a remarkable man whose passion for the open waters, the hum of powerful engines, and the thrill of fast cars inspired not just a business, but a legacy. Named after my father-in-law, a fervent enthusiast of all things marine and automotive, our company embodies his spirit of adventure and mechanical genius. His love for boating and engines was not just a pastime; it was a way of life, a passion that he shared with everyone around him. Tragically, we lost him during the COVID-19 pandemic, a loss that deeply affected us all. In his memory, we founded this company to continue his journey, to spread the joy of boating and to bring the same level of passion, expertise, and dedication to our services that he brought to his life and hobbies. Every service we provide, every engine we repair, and every customer we delight is a tribute to his enduring legacy.